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Monday, June 16, 2014

This week in Table View was pretty uneventful 6-16-14

Elder Truscott Ice Skating on P-day

Elder Mashigo and Elder Truscott Ice Skating

Elder Truscott with Kimberly

This week in Table View was pretty uneventful, haha.
Last Monday we were going to go and play some basketball before we went ice skating, but the chapel was locked and the ones with the keys were out doing something, I can't remember what, so we just all went to ice skate. It was a nice big group and it was lots of fun....the skates still suck, but it's alright ;)
Then that night we had an appointment with a new couple that we found tracting through a nicer area, and the appointment went really good! We mainly just talked and got to know each other, and then we introduced the restoration and they said they were very interested and took the pamphlet! We see them again tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that one for sure :) so far there isn't tons of quickly progressing investigators from what I can see, so I have high hopes for some new people that were trying to find :)
Tuesday I was supposed to be on exchanges with the district leader, Elder Swacina, but they forgot that they were taking their car into the shop on it was still there on Tuesday and they never I just went with Pulu for our normal Tuesday.
Wednesday was exchanges with the zone leaders. So I went with Elder Wilde into his area, which is in Mowbray, and we had a nice day! Their boarding is super's like a nice hotel room....and since our boarding is super can literally see your breath in it....we went to the office and grabbed a heater before going out for the day :) it was nice though, I got to meet a really cool member there named Bro. Mike.
The rest of the week it was mainly just appointments and trying to find people cause we had a bit of empty time.....but it was good! And then Sunday was Father's Day, and we were with some members for most of the day. On Sunday we celebrated a little girl in our wards B-day,  Her name is Kimberly and she turned 10, and she loves One Direction, ha ha, so we bought her a one direction poster book earlier in the week and gave it to her. She was super happy and it was pretty cute :)
So I've got to tell you about this one guy that we met.....his name is Anton. We were doing some service around the township part of our area and he saw me and was like "what are you doing here?" So I told him that we're missionaries and all that....and he was out preaching and stuff he was like "well let's set a time to meet....I want to get to know you guys" so we did. We met him, and he was talking about how we should team up and how "it's for the ministry" and stuff, so we were just kinda playing along and stuff, and he invited us to another meeting. Well we show up, and he was having it in a mall, and he was trying to like start a business or something and he was having some focus group about it and we were there and he was asking us what he can do to help us, and what we can do to help him, and how we can be part of his business/ministry efforts.....he is crazy. Like for real he's wierd. Hahaha. But it was pretty funny :)
Some of our best investigators at the moment are the Zulu family, they are really good, and apparently the one son has come to church a few times. And one guy named Yomi, both live in the township part so transport is hard....but they are cool.
This week we are having Zone Conference tomorrow, and then President Wood's last interviews on Wednesday! So he'll be going home soon, later this month. 
I love you guys and I miss you like crazy! 
Elder Truscott

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