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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 ……. Well we are back from the elephants today!!

Well we are back from the elephants today!! It was actually really cool this time too! We got to ride them this morning, and we rode them around the fields past some buck and zebras, and then afterward we got to feed the elephants :) It was super cool!! At this place we all got to be on our own elephant with a guide, so it was pretty sweet, and then afterwards, even though the actual riding was shorter, the guy brought out a big bucket of food and we got feed the elephants and take pics and stuff! It was really nice :)
Well this week the work was pretty slow. Last Monday we went into Kwano Buhle to play some soccer, and it was pretty fun, there was a good amount of missionaries there, and then there were some members from Kwano who came and played, so it was nice I guess.....just an average p day. Ha ha. Not as good as this was fun!
Tuesday we had a few appointments, most of them dropped so we were trying to visit people and make appointments, which kinda worked, not too good though. But that night the senior couple in PE, the Blatters, had a get together thing with all the missionaries around and it was nice. We had a little thought, introduced ourselves, and then had brownies and ice cream :)
Friday we had zone interviews and training here in Uitenhage, so it was the first training and interviews with the new Mission President! President Merrill is good, he's a funny guy, and the interview was just kind of a get to know you session. But it was nice!
So the young men were doing a camp this weekend, and the leaders wanted Carnieletto and I to go Friday night and just speak to the Young Men about missions and preparation and stuff like that. So after the training we went up, it wasn't far at all, and spoke there. It was really nice!
This weekend we had a few appointments and then the Young Women's Presidency (I think) wants to start working more to reactivate and strengthen the Young Women, so we went with them to a bunch of member visits and less actives this weekend.
Church was super funny we had an investigator come, named Eldridge, so that was super cool! He's a cool guy, and once he keeps the word of wisdom he'll be golden! But anyways, in priesthood this member guy, he's an older guy who's pretty crazy, stands up and just farts. Like super loud it was hilarious!! So that was a highlight of church for me :) ha ha.
Like I said, this week was pretty slow work wise, but we found a few new investigators so we are hopefully going to start having more and more appointments!
I love you and miss you like crazy!
Elder Truscott

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