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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 ..... This week was a good one!! Officially 12 months in SA!!

Elder Carnieletto and Elder Truscott "Juicy Boys" with Akhona

Elder Truscott, Elder Carnieletto, Elder Kivley and Elder Kupka, at Guidos,

 1 Year out!  It was time to burn the shirt!!

This week was a good one!! Officially 12 months in SA!! My year mark was Friday so now the clocks have turned and it's a count down!  :) ha ha.
Last Monday, like you know I went and rode elephants, so that was super fun!! Today we are just chilling cause there isn't much going on. There aren't even sports happening, which is weird for mission.
So Tuesday was a members birthday, and I'm pretty big on getting the people a cake for their birthday cause I feel like they really like it, so Elder Carnieletto and I got her one. It's funny, when we were at that young men's thing a while back the leader said we could make the juice, and we called ourselves the juicy boys, and it stuck.....ha ha. So on the cake it says from the juicy boys, and we all had a good laugh. It was pretty funny. Haha.
Wednesday and Thursday were just average days. We had a few appointments and a few dropped ones! Ha ha, but it think this is Carnieletto and I were talking, and he was trying to say moth, we were talking about what was smashed on the wall, and he couldn't think of the word, so he said "night butterfly" hahaha. I thought it was funny.
Then Friday was the special day!!! July 25 meaning that one year ago from then I was walking into the Joburg MTC!! I got to open that package that you guys sent me with the cards and camel in it :) I waited! Ha ha. But thank you very much. I really loved the cards and everything :) I will try to be like the camel!
The day was just average, we had some appointments and then after them we met up with the other 2 in Uitenhage, Elder Kivley and Elder Kupka, and we had a little celebration :) we went to Guidos, which is pretty much one of the only real restaurants in Uitenhage. We went all out though ;) haha. I got mushroom balls and escargot for the starters for us just to say we did, and then we all had big meals and dessert. It was super nice! The waitress was a total bad. She starts taking our order and we tell her we want water, and then she's all disappointed, so I ask what juices they have. Well she figured out that we weren't from here, and she was like "oh, then nothing I'm saying is making any sense to you!" And then starts trying to explain to me what juice is.....mental! Ha ha. So after that we just messed with her the whole meal....asking what things were and how we eat them.... She explained what a baked potato is and how to eat it.....ha ha ha ha, it was super funny.
After dinner, it was time to burn the shirt!!  :) Elder Carnieletto and I rigged up a pole and hanger to put my shirt on, and then we went out to a road that wouldn't be any problems and we burnt the shirt.....the ceremonial shirt burning was pretty cool too. :)
Saturday and Sunday were slow for appointments and stuff....but Sunday was a good day!! We had 6 investigators at sacrament meeting! We had Eldridge, who is the champ of Uitenhage so far and if he keeps up his no smoking will be baptized pretty soon! Then we had one of the members boyfriends, a members friend that we've been teaching named Busi, and then three girls just walked in from out of nowhere and we started talking to them. Turns out missionaries visited them a loooong time ago and they had a problem with their church and remembered ours! So they came and we made an appointment for later this week! It will be super cool since they've already been to church! I think it'll be good. :) We're still trying to find more and more people, but this week we did alright, we got 5 new investigators so hopefully out of those and the ones we have people start to really progress!
Love you and miss you!
Elder Truscott

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