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Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7 2014

Elder Truscott and Elder Swacina 

Elder's Eating Pizza at Panorrotis
This week started off reallllllly slow. Haha. Monday night Pulu wasn't feeling very well, and all day Tuesday he was super sick. The zone leaders came for studies with us, so I was studying and Pulu was in bed, and then he decided he didn't feel good enough to go out that we stayed home and he slept all day trying to feel better. Made for a boring day. Haha, I was reading Jesus the Christ.  Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Swacina,  it was actually nice because Pulu was still really sick. So I went out to Swacina's area, and Pulu and Rasmussen stayed in the boarding while Pulu rested.
Thursday we went out and tried to start getting all caught up, so we worked all day and then the zone had planned to go to dinner at a place called Panorrotis. It’s a pizza place, and on Thursday nights they have a special where it's all you can eat. Oh. My. Gosh. The mission record was 42 pieces of pizza....and Pulu decided to beat that. Ha ha ha. He ate 43 slices of pizza! Then he was bursting at the seams...haha.
Friday was the 4th of July!! Not really a holiday here, so there wasn't any fire work shows or anything.....but the zone planned to go out to dinner that night again. We all went to a place called starlight diner. I guess missionaries say it's an "American-like" little diner. So we went there on Friday night after the day of work and it was really nice! It was lots of fun :)  We actually had lots of little get togethers this week as a zone! Ha ha, on Saturday we all went to Elder Beckstead and Cosseys boarding to have lunch. Cossey apparently loves he said that he would make tacos if we all brought something to chip in. So the zone went there on Saturday afternoon! We brought sour cream, chips, and salsa, and the others all brought stuff, and we had a really good time!
Sunday was church as usual.... Nothing too exciting! Yomi is a champ though! We asked him this week if he thought he was ready for baptism, and he said yes! So we are going to go through the requirements with him this week and make sure he's living everything. And if he is it should go pretty smoothly :) he even walked to church this week without his brother, which is who he usually comes with :)
Also at church there was a sister Vuyo. She is an investigator that we have that I've never been able to see all transfer! Her husband is a member and they have a couple little kids, and it's amazing how since I've never been able to meet her, she comes to church on Pulus last Sunday there so I can be introduced. She's really cool though, and I'm hoping we can start teaching her regularly!
This week we got a few referrals. We have been handing out the pass along cards with the "SMS this number with your name and address for a free DVD" thing, so we got a few of those DVD's this week. We've been trying to contact them all. Also. This is kinda cool. A referral came in through the phone and also with a Book of Mormon, and this guys name is Jimmy. The missionaries in Zimbabwe had been teaching him, and they said he had been taught everything, and was ready for baptism! We have called him a few times, but every time he's been out, so this week I'm going to really focus on finding this guy! That would be pretty cool if he's completely ready!
This week, with Pulu being sick half of it, we weren't able to see as many people as I would have liked, but we got to start getting caught up, and hopefully next week is better. We are still seeing Donald, Kevin and Tania, the Zulu family, and a few others that I have high hopes for!
Transfer news is tonight too!! I'm sure Pulu Is I will just be waiting to hear who my new companion will be!

Love, Elder Truscott

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