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Monday, July 14, 2014

Wednesday I got here to Uitenhage

Elder Truscott at the two oceans aquarium

Elder Truscott and his new companion Elder Carnieletto
Dang.....only 6 weeks in table view! It pretty much sucked getting transfer news....cause I wasn't expecting to leave at all!! So last Monday we went to the aquarium. It was actually pretty cool! I really liked it! It is the two oceans aquarium, cause the two oceans meet at at Cape Point, get it ;) And there are pretty sweet fish and sharks and stuff there.
Monday night we had an FHE with the Sebonyane family, and then after that, pretty late actually, the AP's called to give us the news. At the FHE I heard rumors come through that we were both leaving.....but then they called to confirm it! I went to Uitenhage with Elder Carnieletto! He is Italian, and super cool. He's been out only one transfer less than I have, and so far (even though I've been sick) we're getting along good.  So 6 weeks back in Cape Town and then poof, back to the Eastern Cape.
Monday night I was up pretty late frantically packing, and then Tuesday was a crazy day. We got all of our stuff packed. And I ended up buying a box to put tons of stuff in storage cause I had lots and wasn't expecting to move......and then we went and said our goodbyes. Even though I was only there for 6 weeks there were some investigators and ward members who I really miss and am actually really  bummed I didn't get to spend more time with....but we said all of our goodbyes on Tuesday and actually made one stop on Wednesday morning before going to the mission home.
We had to be at the mission home at 11 on Wednesday, and then at 11:30 they took us to the airport. I was flying to PE, and Pulu was flying to East London, his final destination was Mtata. Well I nearly missed the flight myself.....since I had so much crap I had to check an extra bag, and then pay for my overweight the line wasn't going anywhere and time just kept ticking bye....finally a guy let me cut him in the elite line , and I payed. So then the guy at the desk who I had to give the receipt and ticket to so he would put my bag through ran over and took them. Fine. And when we went back over he had no idea what we were talking about when we said he took them! Finally he pulled it out, and Elder Whitworth just grabbed my ticket and was like "thanks!" And we ran towards security. Went through security (at this point all the other Elders had gone through) and ran to the terminal. They were already on the bus to go to the plane and I ran in just in time......phew I was close on that one. Ha ha. I think I want to drop some KG's of stuff so that doesn't happen again. Ha ha ha.
Wednesday I got here to Uitenhage with Carnieletto. And it was alright, met a few families and got unpacked .....and then Thursday destroyed me. When I woke up Thursday I had a headache and stiff neck and sore back, like it was so painful. I couldn't turn my neck it felt like there was just air pressure inside of it! And plus my stomach hurt like Thursday sucked. Then Friday it was pretty much the same thing only lessened. I started taking some pills, like Motrin and other stuff. And Sunday I felt pretty good. Still when I wake up my neck is kinda sore.....which is annoying, but I think I'm getting there. Ha ha.
Uitenhage now! It should be alright, there aren't many investigators at all right now, so we'll have to try and find some people to teach! The chapel is nice, but it's far from our area, and apparently there are rumors of a unit being opened in our area, which would be cool!
I have been dying over here and it sucks without you here for me! I don’t know how to help myself! Ha ha ha ha.
I love you and miss you like crazy!

Elder Truscott

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