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Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Elders in Uintenhage having dinner with Mamma Hilda

Well this week was actually a really good one!
Last Monday I had another "first" here in South Africa....ha ha ha. So the one thing that I  have been avoiding like the plague to eat is tripe...which is the intestines of an animal, and they have like ox or sheep tripe that they make here. Well ya, its pretty nasty to think that you are eating what is used to make crap....but last Monday at the Frans FHE that is what they prepared for us! I was super hesitant...pretty much ate everything around the tripe before the  tripe itself, and they were laughing, cause we were pretty much all doing the same thing and in the same boat.....but then with pressure I ate all the is pretty weird. It's kind of like a hairy texture...which is pretty gross honestly. That is the worst part.....but no major sickness happened so I must be fine ;) ha ha.

Tuesday was actually a really really good day for Elder Carnieletto  and I. We had a few appointments, and they ALL held! Not only did all of them hold, they were pretty good ones too. We started the day by visiting a brother Wally. He's an investigator who has had a stroke and isn't in great condition. He's a referral from his friend, Bro.  Freddy.  Well we only usually spend about 30 min. There cause we take it slow and then leave. So on Tuesday we were there in the morning, and we were asking how his prayers have been to find out if the church was  true. He told us that he prayed and received his answer! Well we had been telling him not to focus on getting a dream, but rather through thoughts and feelings, and every time he was thinking he'd get a dream....well apparently he got one! He said in his dream that a voice told him that these things were true, and to beware of false prophets.  He took that as an answer to his prayers and said the church was true!  But then we start teaching the plan of salvation, and up pulled Bro. Freddy to join and he had no idea we were there! It was great.  Then we saw Eldridge, who is super progressing towards his baptism date on the 31st and were super excited for him!  After that we had a few other appts and they were all nice. So this Tuesday was muuuuuch better than last week.

The slowness had to catch up to us though....cause Wednesday only one  appt held, so we found some less actives to visit that day, and then  just went on for appts Thursday.

Saturdays are always a bit slow, but we had an appt that held in the morning and then went out to set appts and make some visits before church. Ha ha, this is just a funny thing that happens often here .....

But we went to see an investigator and set an appt, she wasn't home,  but her mom was there drunk. She was all dressed up for a funeral and was dancing hard core when we walked up. Hahahaha, she was just  dancing and trying to tell us how great God had been to her. So we left. Haha. You always get some funny people around township on the weekend.

Sunday we had church as usual, and we had Eldridge there, and two investigators named Valentine and Phelicia. They are 2 from that family of girls that just walked in the other week. The others couldn't make it I guess, but they are all really progressing!! We have high hopes for them, and the one guy who stays at that house, Sylvester. He is hit and miss cause his mom is sick so he visits her at the hospital a lot, but he's super cool and enjoys our visits and reads, so we are hoping the best for him too! Our most progressing is Eldridge here for sure. He's a champ.  Super preparing for baptism and still doesn't smoke and drink and stuff, so we're really happy! The 31st is the day for him as it sits and he wants it really badly.

This is the last week of the transfer, it's gone by pretty quickly!! I love and miss you guys. This week I have been missing you a lot....

 Love, Elder Truscott

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