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Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

 Elder Beckstead and Elder Ellingson came up here to PE for transfer day

This week was Segrie September's Birthday, so we baked her a cake this week 

This week was a weird one for me....ha ha, I don't really know why but for some reason it was just weird. Ha ha, transfer week, but it didn't seem like it cause nobody here changed. And if you were excited for Eldridge's baptism this Sunday, you will be just as disappointed as we were.
Tuesday was a weird day for us for sure. Disappointing and weird at the beginning. We had a few appointments, and we had one with Eldridge. So we show up, excited to see him and keep getting him ready for his baptismal date, and when we get there he is acting suuper weird. He takes us in, and is high as a kite talking to us. Like he was falling asleep in the middle of speaking, and then his jaw was going crazy, it was crazy. He kept saying how tired he was, so we told him we'd come back later.....we did, still the same. So we saw him again later on in the week, and sat down with him and just let him know that we are here for him and that he can still get on that right track. He was super grateful, and still wants to be part of the church so bad. He came yesterday to church so he is still determined, and we are happy about that!
Tuesday night was fun though. Elder Beckstead and Elder Ellingson came up here to PE for transfer day, cause they were picking up someone Wednesday, so Tuesday they were with the zone leaders here! After our appointments we went and got milkshakes with everyone, and then went back to the zone leaders boarding to chill for a while with them! It was awesome to see Ellingson and Beckstead though!
Wednesday was transfer day, but we just did normal work through the week! So we had some appointments, and of course some dropped ones. BUT, the one thing that was pretty cool to me, so we've been getting tired of dropped appts and stuff, and we've been wanting to find new people to teach, so we started going through the teaching records of people who missionaries used to visit. Well we pulled out a few names, and so far every one we've visited has let us in and made return appointments with us! Which I think is pretty cool.
So this week we focused a bit on finding new people, and got 7 new investigators! Hopefully they all progress, that's a worthy dream, but we will see! Church yesterday was good too. We had just 4 investigators there, we thought there would be more, but 4 isn't bad. Eldridge came, a guy named Neal, Busi, and then one of those girls, Phelicia. The whole family of those girls were supposed to come....not sure why they didn't, but next week they say, so we'll see.
Ya it was an odd week. Don't know why.....but hopefully this next week will be better. We've got zone conference in PE on Wednesday, so that's something to look forward to, and we've got some good appointments lined up!
I miss you like crazy, and for some reason it feels like a long time since last week! Pdays are few and far between I suppose ;) haha.
I love you guys so muchI
Love and miss you :)

Elder Truscott

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