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Monday, August 18, 2014

I got to pet some cheetahs this morning! August 18, 2014

Elder Carnieletto (back)
Elder Kivley, Elder Van Zyl, Elder Ndlouvu, Elder Kupka, Elder Truscott

Mormon helping hands project

How are you doing this morning!? I am emailing a bit late....but you will be super jealous, cause I got to pet some cheetahs this morning! There is a cheetah park near Uitenhage, and the others had been, but I wanted to go and they said they'd go again to see if they got better pics this time, so we got to go! It was pretty awesome!! They have Cheetahs, leopards, lions, and other smaller cats I can’t remember. The leopard would come up and pace up and down the fence, and you could reach through and touch it, and if you put your hand up flat he would reach through and lick it. so I have been licked by a leopard :) Hahaha, it was super fun! And then after the tour of the place we got to go in with the cheetahs and pet them! It was super cool.
But as for this week......This week was a good one I suppose. This transfer went by pretty quickly, and the AP's just emailed us the transfer I know that Carnieletto and I are staying together for another transfer! We are all staying the same here in Uitenhage!
Last Monday we were going to play some soccer, but things fell through cause others couldn't/didn't want to come, so we ended up calling 2 other missionaries and chilled with them all day....
Tuesdays are almost always our busy day it seems.....but this week we just had a few appointments, only one dropped, which was good, and then we made some visits and stuff. Pretty much did the appointments and visits the rest of the week....
Thursday night we started exchanges. This time I was with Elder Kupka working in my area, and most things dropped.....this week was kinda slow with lots dropping. But it was a nice day cause I really like Kupka. He's super funny. And Friday I got your package with my new  pants and shirt :)
Saturday was the Mormon helping hands project, which Is like last year when the ward does something to help the community or whatever. So we went and painted the old train station museum here in Uitenhage. It was actually a good time, and an alright amount of people came so it was good.
Church on Sunday was good. Brother Palmer gave a talk and he's a character. Tells us how he lives the law of chastity and only kisses his wife, then says how he kisses her in the morning and kisses her at lunch and kisses her at night, haha. He's funny.  We had a good turn out though! Eldridge was there and is still powering forward for his baptism this month! Super exciting for him!! And then we had a members friend, whose name is Busi, she came to church as well, and then those girls that came a few weeks ago, their names are Claudia, Nadia, Phelicia, and Valentine, and then the guy that stays there is named Sylvester, and then there's older sisters that don't join us. Well on exchanges we talked with one older sister and she said she'd come, and she did! Claudia, Nadia, Phelicia, and the older sister came! It was nice, but I hope they enjoyed it....I wasn't really getting that vibe from them since they were  chomping at the bit to leave after 2nd hour, but who knows! They are super cool though, and are progressing really good. We also met up this week with another investigator that we've been looking for all transfer. Apparently she used to come to church all the time and then went on holiday, so Carnieletto didn't know where she stayed.....but we got her address through a member and should start teaching her now , which will be good. I want to focus on finding more people this next transfer, cause I'm super bummed with all the dropped appointments. Hopefully this coming transfer will be a good one!
I love and miss you tons :)

Love,  Elder Truscott

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