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Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

The highlight of my week was that all 4 of us in the District  got matching ties to wear to church.

Well this week was monumentally slow. Ha ha. Like I don't even know what to say about it besides that it sucked! One good thing did happen though....I got the package that you sent me with the taffy and stuff  :) thank you! Ha ha, haven't had such clean G's in a year ;) thanks!

 Last Monday we just hung out around Uitenhage. Didn't do anything that started the boring week. ;) ha ha. And then this morning we were suuuuper disappointed cause of the lion park not having cubs ready...

Then Tuesday through Sunday the story was the same.....dropped appointments. Like Tuesday we had it set up to be an awesome day, like 6 appointments! And......the first one held with Bro. Wally, and the last one held.  It pretty much went like that all week.

Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Kivley. We went to his area. We had district meeting that morning, and we pretty much all spent the day together, besides when we were teaching the one lesson we taught that day.  The highlight of my week was that all 4 of us in the District  got matching ties to wear to church. We were in a shop called Markham and Elder Kivley saw these ties that were patterned like outer space, so he was laughing and said district space ties! They had 4, so we all got one and wore them to church!

 Eldridge wasn't at church, and after he wasn't home so we don't know why, but this week we extended the baptism date of Aug. 31st to him!  So we are hoping he is still doing good and we have an appointment with him Tuesday!

 Then those 3 girls that just randomly came to church last week , well we've been sitting with them and we met a guy who stays in the house named Sylvester, who was interested, and one other girl who came to church with the original 3! We don't know what happened to Sylvester, he said he was going to come too, but nobody saw him Sunday morning so they didn't know!

 Ha ha ha, so this was frustrating/funny. We were visiting a family, the Jacobs. And it was mostly just an older lady who we were talking to. There was just a death in the family, so we got them as a referral from their friend who we're also sitting with. Well the appointment earlier this week dropped cause Mrs. Jacobs wasn't feeling well. So we go back on Saturday I think it was, and we drive past to park and Carnieletto and I look in the house cause the door is open,  and she's sitting right there on the couch.  And she looked out and saw us. Then we park and walk up the house and guess what.....nobody home. Ha ha. She got up and went into her room in the back and never came to the door!  Sucked to be us ;) ha ha. So we don't think she's too interested. ;)

 It was a pretty slow week though! Just like last week, we have a good amount of appts. The beginning of this week, and hopefully since it's not month end or beginning of the month they will be home and hold!

Thanks for the package. I love and miss everyone like crazy!

Love, Elder Truscott

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