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Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Days Until Christmas!!! December 22, 2014

.THE POST DROUGHT IS OVER! (4 of the packages took over 4 months to get to him)

Christmas Zone Conference. Elder Truscott as a Shepard (Cleaning closet style)

Elder Ratema, Elder Mariner, Elder Truscott and Elder Williams

Elder Truscott with Elder Malpage 
This week here in Sada was just the more hail storms...its flippin hot here. Ha ha. And ya, the hair was pretty short, I got it cut to a 4 on the sides and a bit over finger length on top cause it was so hot I couldn’t stand it. Cut off the mane for the SA summer. But you can call it the trainer cut as well. Ha ha

The highlight of my week this week was this.....THE POST DROUGHT IS OVER!!  I got like 6 packages this week, which was amazing. geez its been a loooooong freaking time! Thank you so much :) And guess what...this will make you of them was the one you sent in Aug...with those autographed pics of Al :)!! It finally came. Ha ha. So I got that one, 2 of the Christmas ones, one from Gma and Gpa T, and Aunt Kathy's! Thank you very much!

My son is still doing well.  I like Elder Ratema We just did normal missionary work this week for the most part, but we had exchanges with the zone leaders on Wednesday and then the Christmas zone conference on Saturday, so that split things up nicely! This week in terms of appts was alright, we didn’t do amazing but it wasn’t terrible either. We have been doing finding cause Elder Ratema has the fire to tract and find, which is good, so we have been doing some of that when things drop and getting our teaching pool growing.

Exchanges on Wednesday....I was with Elder Malpage, the zone leader. It was a good day, just a normal day of missionary work honestly. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the day as much as I did honestly. I wasn’t too excited about that exchange but it turned out to be fine and we taught good lessons, had a powerful day, and ended the day in the village with the Miselo family for our FHE!
So Saturday we had our Christmas Zone Conference......I was bumming pretty hard that we didn’t get to go to East London...cause last year that was the most fun part. This year's Christmas zone conference wasn’t as fun.....I guess they aren’t supposed to be fun but hey, it’s Christmas. We pretty much had a serious conference for the first bit, and then the end was good. We did some Christmas skit thing with Santa and then the Nativity scene (which was kind of weird cause the audience was just the Stapleys, Pres. and Sis. Merrill, and the AP's).....and then watched a movie. We got to watch Heaven is for Real, the one about that book you read! It wasn’t bad, at least it was an actual movie! And then we talked about it doctrinally. After that we went off to the Xalabile family for an FHE with them. That family is really nice and GREAT to the missionaries in Sada....more so than anyone else.
While we were at the FHE Bonga texted and asked if I could teach the Priesthood lesson in church, which I said yes to, so I picked up the manual and then got reading that night. Sunday was good, can’t  complain! We had some new investigators come to church! We tracted into their house last week, and taught them on Tuesday, and they came, their names are Aqhame and Zizipho, and then Soso was at church, so not bad! I ended up teaching gospel principles class last minute, which was good cause then I focused on things to do to make it to the Celestial kingdom and kept it simple with our new investigators, and then after that class Pres. and Sis. Merrill left to make their flight, and then I taught priesthood which was different because the only guys there that can speak in the class were Elder Stapley, my comp, and the quorum president....and a recent convert, but it made for a boring time honestly.
The Xalabile's feed us every week nobody else is signed up, so every week.....haha. We went there after church for lunch and it was great! And then had some appts that dropped and some that held that day!
I love and miss you so much. Trust me, you aren’t the only one who is excited to skype. Man I'm excited to see you guys! I love and miss you tons!
I love and miss you so much!
Elder Truscott

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