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Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Elder Truscott with Elder Chapradza

Elder Truscott, Soso and Elder Chapradza

Elder Truscott, Phila and Elder Chapradza

Elder Truscott and Elder Chapradza with
"2 little girls I dont know their names then Aphelele, Sizipho, and Nosipho"

Well this week seemed like a super long one for me....haha. But I DID find out my transfer news, I've actually known since Tuesday, but I'm going to be training a new missionary here in Sada!

Last Monday was a scorcher....much like today. It’s getting REALLY hot here in summer time is here for sure. It sucks. haha. So we didn’t even play sports last week, we just ate out and shopped, and then took it easy, but I think today, since the Mtatha Elders are down here, we will play sports with them.

Tuesday was just a normal day, we were teaching and doing the regular appt. thing, and we were about to start a lesson with a young girl named Zandisa (recent convert) when Pres. called and told me that I was going to be training a new Elder. He is from SA, and I'm not quite sure his name. It should be good! So that means that my time with Elder Chaparadza was only a week, but its fine. He has been in Sada for a long time. He will be going to Paarl to be the District Leader there for his last 8 weeks, and then Kaufusi is leaving to Cape Town, and Mariner is getting an Elder Williams who I don’t know at all. So it should be a good transfer coming up! I have high hopes
Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Kaufusi, which was really nice. Kaufusi is a sweet guy, and it was a nice day. We were in Sada, and we taught a bit, saw some people that are potential investigators, and just had a really nice day. It was a nice change for the day honestly. All week the lessons were pretty slow....I am glad that I'm training this next transfer cause it will be a great opportunity to get the area going strong. Things are kind of slowing down, and I think a change in comps will help it out. So this week was a bit slow, we taught just a few lessons each day pretty spaced it made for a long feeling week. But since we've known since Tuesday the news Chaparadza said some goodbyes this weekend.

Church on Sunday was alright. Nothing too exciting, Mihlale and Nokuthula were confirmed, and we didn’t have tons of investigators at sacrament meeting, the one we did have is Soso, an 18 year old girl......and the other was a child who's friends with  Zandisa and we've been teaching her.
This morning, the reason I'm emailing a bit later than usual, is that we had a trainers training. Basically just go over some stuff before our new comps come....It’s just me and Elder Best (who's in Mtatha) who are training from our zone, so it was just us 2 doing the training with the Zone Leaders. It was nice...just chatted about the expectations of the greenies, what our expectations were, and what we are expected to be doing...

This next transfer will be a good one! I'm excited, and hopefully I can give the greenie a good  experience! I have my fingers crossed he's cool...but if not I guess I’ll have to try even harder than usual to get along with him., hahaha.

But that is my week this week!

I love and miss you!

Elder Truscott

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