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Monday, December 1, 2014

December is here! - DEC. 1, 2014

The Miselo family.

Elder's eating Thanksgiving dinner. All you can eat ribs at the Spur restraunt

Elder Truscott reading the Liahona

Sada Ward baptisms
This week was an alright one I guess. The tripanionship is over since Swacina is going home about a week early for family stuff, so it’s only Elder Chaparadza and I right now.

Last Monday we just played sports, it was the It wasn’t bad’s good for me to get some exercise, cause I can feel it big time while running. Ha ha ha.

Tuesday was a really good day in terms of teaching and stuff. We had lots of appointments scheduled (and at this point it was still the tripanionship), so Elder Chaparadza and Elder Swacina went to teach, and me and Bonga went and taught people, and we just did that most of the day until we met back up for an FHE that night. Bonga is growing on me a lot. He's a cool guy. He and our ward mission leader, Sechaba, are pretty cool.

So Thursday was Thanksgiving! We didn’t really have any plans....and nobody invited us over for dinner or the three of us, Kaufusi and Mariner, and 4 of the Elders working in Queenstown, went to a restaurant called Spur on Thursday night after our appts. For Thanksgiving dinner :) ha ha. On Thursdays they have an all you can eat ribs and wings we did that and it was lots of fun! Not quite the traditional turkey, and no family again this year, but we made the most of it.

Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Mariner in an area called Ilinge. It was a nice exchange! We just had district meeting in the morning, had lunch, and then went to his area and taught a few lessons. Ilinge is pretty rural as well. I met one of their members who claims to have a "Spirit husband" so that is pretty wierd. But it was a nice day.
Then Friday night Sada Ward had a "funeral" for Elder Swacina since it was his last day in the area. It was a really cool thing for them to do for him actually. They surprised him with a big celebration, and drinks and snacks and it was lots of fun :) Elder Mariner and I went there after our appts were done in Ilinge, so we were a bit late, but we still made it for some and it was a good time. A cool thing for the ward to do for him for sure.

Saturday morning Elder Swacina had a career workshop in Queenstown since he's going home, so Elder Chaparadza and I dropped him off at that, and then went out to Sada, and boom....Swacina is gone. From that workshop he went to East London, and then I think he's flying to Cape Town today, then back home tomorrow..... I get a bed now so it’s better....ha ha ha. But we went out to the area after dropping him, and the young men and young women had a fundraiser on Sat. morning to save up for the FSY camp (EFY). They did like a talent show thing and we could buy food for 10 Rand, so we did that for lunch and had a nice time, and then went out to teach. I find teaching lots better now that it’s down to the two of us....for some reason the teaching didn’t quite "click" like it did with my tripanionship with Kupka and Carnieletto.

Sunday was a good day as well. We had two baptisms....again I didn’t really teach them much so I don’t really feel too involved....but it was for a 16 year old boy named Mihlale, who is a stud. And a 19 year old girl named Nokuthula. She's cool too but more quiet. So that was right after church, and also that one kid that we baptized my first week here, Umpho, was that was good for him too. After church and the baptisms, we went out teaching after eating lunch at Bishop Xalabile's. We went with our ward mission leader Sechaba and two young women, Nosipho and Aphelele, so we brought the army to people. We taught a few lessons, and it was good.
In all, this week wasn’t too bad. Not my favorite Thanksgiving week ever of course, I missed you guys like crazy....but its better this year since I know it’s my last one away :) ha ha.

Today is Elder Arthur's Birthday, so the Stapleys made a cake for him and we surprised him before  emailing....and it was really nice. It was nice for them to remember. Arthur is from New Zealand, and is a really cool guy, I like him!
I love you so much and miss you like crazy :)
Elder Truscott

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