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Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

The highlight of this week was Sibu's baptism for sure

 The Miselo family

 The Jaantjie family.
So I guess I’ll get right into it and tell you about my week!
Monday we did another zone finding activity, this time at the main round about in Queenstown which always has tons of people. it was pretty good. I was tired, and I was with an elder Moffet, but we accomplished our goals again and hopefully I can take some of those things to the new zone in Bellville!
Last week in Sada, officially. I am going to be in Bellville now, I'll be a zone leader there.
Tuesday was Zone conference, so early in the morning we had to be there, and it was actually pretty good. We learned some new ways to teach lessons using the pictures in the pamphlets that have helped, especially with those that don't speak English very well....and then we watched "Meet the Mormons", which is just like a little movie about like 6 different people and it just talks about the church and members and stuff. It was a good conference over all for sure! After the conference, Pres. just called me into a room and interviewed me telling me that I'd be leaving, and it was pretty exciting! I waited until Saturday to find out where, when the Zone Leaders came and told me that I'd be going back to Cape Town! Which is exactly what I wanted, finish off in Cape Town :)
So we are still on freaking fire here. Even though we had zone conference on Tuesday which took up lots of the day, we had the goal as a district to each teach 30 discussions....and we did. Boom. After Zone conference on Tuesday Elder Malpage and I went to Sada cause he had to do the baptismal interview for Sibu (I'll talk more about his baptism), but we did it like exchanges, so Malpage and I were together for the rest of the day. It was awesome, we taught 5 discussions in that day and we only had like 2 and a half hours! We used what we learned at zone conference, and even though it will take perfecting, it was really good. And then to top it off Sibu's interview went great and he was totally ready.
So we just taught up a storm all week in Sada, and then on Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Williams in Ilinge. They were struggling and didn't look like they were going to make the 30 lesson bar, so I decided to go there again. We set the goal of teaching 8 discussions that day, which would put them back on track....and we did! Man we worked, and when an appt. dropped, we just got right to it and found someone else and taught them. It was super awesome, and it turned their week right around, cause the next day they taught 8 again, and then they hit 30 lessons on Sunday!
The highlight of this week was Sibu's baptism for sure!  So this week we got a message from Sibu telling us to call him, and when we did, he told us that the bad news was that his dad wasn't going to come down for his baptism, but he still wanted to be baptized. He asked me to baptize him! So it was a great way to end my time here in to baptize Sibusiso Bika,and it was amazing to see the whole process again from start to finish. I love it when that happens. Everyone was really supportive on Sunday at church, his mom and siblings were there to watch, and we had 5 other investigators there to see! Sibu is a stud though, and he was really nervous, but very very happy :)
Like I said, it was an amazing week here in Sada to finish off. We ended up teaching 33 discussions, I  don't know how we did it, but even with Zone conference we hit a new personal high. It was awesome!
But today will be full of packing and getting rid of things, cause the weight limit on planes went down so I have to rid myself of some excess baggage. hahaha. But it’s all good, I will just get ready, and then Elder Ratema and I will drive to East London tomorrow, and I'll fly out Wednesday morning for Cape Town!
Love, Elder Truscott

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