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Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Elder Prisbrey, Elder Truscott, Elder Pahulu, and Elder Mendenhall.with the Kruger family.
Rayno, Sis Kruger, Bro. Kruger and  Kari
My week here in Bellville....I don’t even know what to say about this week.
This week in terms of lessons taught was better than last week...but it is probably hard to get worse. hahaha. But it was a bit better. I am hoping to just keep improving and improving each week until we get to where I want the area to be. But it was a good one I guess, we did lots of finding this week and we keep testing the’s funny. Here we start out every time getting rejected like crazy, and then we start having a  bit of success right as we are about to finish.
Like I will talk about a few times this week that were kinda cool for me! So we have been trying to do a 1-1-1 each we teach one investigator, get one new investigator, and teach one member. Well on Wednesday we had two lessons scheduled with new investigators and then a member we had planned to visit that night. First thing the two appts drop, and we hit the streets. Ended up teaching and getting a new investigator to meet the goal we had, and then as we walked back to the car, the phone rings and the member dropped. Flip it was like 7 and we had to teach a member cause we promised Heavenly we got the ward list and started making call after call trying to get an appt. We drove all over the area we were in, but everyone kept saying it was too late and they had kids and whatever....we were pretty discouraged cause it was about 7:45 at this point, so we decided to say one last prayer. As we prayed the phone we hurried and ended the prayer, and I answered the phone.....the guy was a member that we had called, but he missed our call. He reminded me his name, and I asked if we would be able to come and see him for only about 10 minutes since it was late.....and nope. he was in Joburg. But a crazy thought came to my mind, and I was like "hey, I'm going to ask you something super wierd" and he was like "ok" and I asked him if we would be able to share  a message with him over the phone for his travels. He was totally cool and said he had pulled over the car to talk to us so he was fine. We opened with a prayer and taught the dude over the phone. hahahaha. I have never done that one before, but I thought it was crazy how we had promised Heavenly Father, and then He made it happen, even if it wasn’t how it usually does or I thought it would! I thought it was cool. haha. But we had a few cool experiences this week just finding and being led to people!
On Wednesday morning we had a little meeting thing with Elder Branch. He is a District Leader in Milnerton ward, and this is his first transfer as a DL so we just went over and did a little thing to answer his questions and help him the best we could be a district leader. It was a cool idea I guess, nobody did that for me....haha. Then on Thursday we had a meeting with the Assistants to talk about the was pretty much a 2 hour discussion on exactly what we talked about as a zone on top of Lions Head, but they weren’t there so they didn’t know....We just talked about the zone's stats and how we can improve and stuff.
Saturday we were on exchanges/splits in Paarl. We drove up there Saturday morning early so we could be there for studies, and then I went with an Elder Si'ufanua and Elder Prisbrey went with an Elder Rasmussen. It was a sweet exchange. Si'ufanua and I got straight to work. We prayed and set the goal to teach 2 member presents and a total of 6 lessons. We did it and we found some super sweet people in Paarl! I really liked that area honestly, it was a great area and a nice day, plus Elder Si'ufanua is a super funny guy. He's from American Samoa and he's pretty buff of course, he's a polynesian, and he's a funny dude. Loves the word "powerful". hahahaha.
Then Sunday at was my first Sunday in Bellville ward since last Sunday was Stake Conference. It was wierd seeing so many white faces while I introduced myself. hahaha. But it was a good Sunday!
Church was good, and then Elder Prisbrey and I got to go to Khayletsha (sp?), one of Prisbrey's old areas, cause he was asked to baptize someone he found there! It was really nice for him, and it made for a good Sunday!
Then every Sunday we go to the Krugers for dinner, and they had a little surprise Birthday thing for me :) It was suuuuper flipping nice since I've only met them like twice and last week was my first week ever at their house! I was super grateful and it was fun :) I love them already and I just got here. haha. But it was a good week overall...we just need to keep improving like I said! But Bellville will be good!
I Love and miss you guys,
Elder Truscott

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