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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Sibu and his family. The woman in the green
sweater zip up is Sibu's mom, and then Sibu is the one in the
cardigan, Mihlali wanted to come with us (the kid in the blue shirt in
many of the pics), and Sibu's little bro. Mihlali in the purplish
shirt who's standing in his moms arm in the family pic.

Elder Truscott and the Xalabile family 

Mihlali and Elder Truscott

Elder Truscott with Sibu

Elder Truscott with Bonga

Elder Truscott with Elder Ratema

Elder Truscott and Elder Kivley

Final goodbye pics
with the District in Sada/Ilinge. Williams, Ratema, Kjeldsen,
and Elder Truscott.
Elder Truscott at the top of Lions Head

Elder Kupka and Elder Truscott at Lions Head

Elder Truscott with Elder Prisbrey, his new companion, at the top of Lions Head
This week for me....geez where do I even start.....
I guess I will start with this morning, and the reason I'm e-mailing  a bit later than usual.
We decided that we wanted to go and do something with the whole zone (Cape North is the biggest zone in the mission) that we could get everyone together, build unity, and then talk about goals and stuff that we can set for the rest of the transfer to get the zone out of the slump of sorts that it’s in. We decided to go and hike Lions Head today as a zone. It was pretty fun! We hiked, started around 10, and when we got to the top we talked about goals that we could set as a zone and as districts and companionships that would strengthen us....came up with a few that hopefully will help us all get on the same page and work really hard. The zone has been lacking in terms of stats...and regardless of the fact that we have some of the nicest areas in the mission so work is hard, we can do better. So I’m super sunburned now....but finally emailing :) ha ha.

Last Monday I finished up my packing and went to say some goodbyes in Sada! Geez it seems like forever ago now! But it was good. Saying goodbyes wasn’t too hard honestly. It was probably one of the easiest times of saying goodbyes. The one that was really cool was Sibu. He started crying when I said goodbye and it was just really cool to feel the love that he has for me and how much his family has grown just since I've been there. It is awesome. But after I said all my goodbyes, we went back to the boarding and Williams and Kjeldsen had a surprise milk tart there for us, so we split it and had a nice night together :)

Tuesday was a crazy day as, we were running all over. I had to be in East London by 7 to meet up with everyone else, and Elder Stapley wanted us to switch around the tires on the cars cause the Sada car was supposed to be taken to East London and sold. So we did, and while the guys at the shop were putting the tires back on the Sada car (our car), they said that the one tire's lug nuts weren’t going on right and that he was nervous they would break....well in time he came back and said it was done, but that we shouldn’t go over 80ish K's an hour.....well it was wobbly we could feel while driving I told Elder Stapley and he said that he wanted it to be fixed (makes sense) and so they called Hi Q (the tire shop) and told them what happened and whatever. Well we went back in, and at this point I had all my bags in the car cause we needed to get going, and they told us that 3 of the 4 tire screws that hold on the tire were stripped, and that we shouldn’t drive it to East London...then they told us they didn’t have the parts to fix it then. Ha ha ha. flip. We called Ilinge and had to have them stay at the boarding the next few days, so we could take their car and drive to East London! But we did it, and we finally got there! And it was cool, cause Stratton, Chamberlain, and Sanders are all ZL's in that area, so we all went out to dinner that night and I stayed with Stratton and Chamberlain. It was tons of fun to be around those guys again :)
Then Wednesday morning EARLY I had to be at the chapel to go to the airport....and flew to Cape Town. It makes me really really sad to think that it might be the last time I ever fly IN to Cape Town. It’s been really wierd for me here. It is sooo flipping different. Bellville is a really nice area and we have lots of modern things all around and white people....its muuuch different. Culture shock to the max. I don’t think anyone we teach speaks Xhosa and its really wierd to me. haha. Elder Prisbrey is really cool too. I have really liked it so far. It’s been a flipping looong week though for some reason.

The highlight of this week was that this Sunday here was stake conference!! It was so amazing....cause guess what. I got to see the Sibotoboto family!! Remember them from the Gugs days! They live in Panorama now and attend at the same building that Bellville does, and on Saturday night I walked into Stake Conference and saw Sis. Eunice sitting there! It was soo awesome! Then Sunday they brought their super awesome kids and it just made me so happy to see that family again, and made me miss them tons!! Gosh Bro. and Sis. Sibotoboto are awesome! And get this, the ward mission leader here in Bellville is Gertzen! hahahaha. He's back here studying so he's at Bellville ward now and is our ward mission leader, so I get to be around him again, but lots of the ward I haven’t really met cause it was conference. But I am glad it was :)
Stake Conference was really good though! Saw people from Table View as well, and some of the speakers were pretty cool. So it was good. Pres. Merrill spoke and he is always really good at speaking.

Like I said, it was a long week, but it’s been nice. The area is a lot slower in terms of work than Sada was...but that is because the area here is  TOTALLY different than anything I've ever worked in’s really nice here honestly. Ha ha. It’s wierd!

I left lots out, it was a crazy one! I love you and miss you so much mom! And I know that I'm down to about 4 months now, and it really freaks me out!

I love you tons!
Elder Truscott

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