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Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

 The sushi bar: Elder Pahulu, Elder Truscott
Elder Malpage, Elder Prisbrey, Elder Fonua, Elder Mchunu, Elder Kupka,
and Elder Mendenhall
Well this week in Bellville went quickly.
Last Monday after hiking Devils Peak we were pretty exhausted, but that night we started exchanges and got right to it!
Tuesday I was with Elder Fonua in Bellville. We had a nice day, but since it’s starting to be winter time here, it has been colder and rainy all week. So Tuesday was a really rainy day. We didn’t really want to go out and tract in the rain, so we did some following up in the morning, got some nice lessons, and then it stopped raining in the afternoon so we did some finding and met our goals for the day and had a nice time! We had a sweet lesson with a guy named Simba. He was saying how he really likes the way we do things, and how we just talk about what we believe and then invite him to find out for himself and stuff. It was really cool. He understands great and it was one of the best discussions we've had with him!
After our last appt. Tuesday we were back on the road and went on exchanges with Mowbray on Wednesday! I was in Mowbray with Elder McCarroll. It was a nice day. Elder McCarroll is a sweet guy and totally spoiled me all day. Like I even felt bad, ha ha. He made me a big breakfast and bought me dinner, I told him the next exchange was on me.  But we had a nice day. We did work in the office (Mowbray is the office area) in the morning, and it took more time than we thought it would, so we were running late all day, but we still had made the goal to teach an unplanned lesson, find a father led family, and hand out a Book of Mormon and get the guy's details. Well like I said we were running super late, but we just took a few minutes to find in the main area of Mowbray. We taught this guy working security, first guy we talked to, a father led family, we taught him, got his details, and gave him a Book of Heavenly Father definitely helped us out with that since He knew we were late. But it was a good day.
Thursday, I’m not going to lie, I was dead tired. After the hike Monday and then two days of going hard on exchanges I was exhausted. We had a great lesson with Sam and Ntombethembu though. They are doing super well and they loved church last week! I'm really excited about them and they are really happy and excited about learning. Finished off Thursday at the Bothas, which I always look forward to.
Friday was a super slow day, but then back to the exchanges game on Saturday. We were with the assistants, so I was with Elder Malpage, and Prisbrey was with Elder Mchunu, and we were all working in Bellville.
Elder Malpage and I had a really nice day. We went out in the morning before lunch with one appt. scheduled, and ended up teaching 4 before we went and ate quickly. Then we went and contacted a DVD referral and taught one more lesson, before meeting up with the Panorama and Durbanville Elders, Prisbrey and Mchunu for dinner. We went out and got all you can eat sushi at some place that Kupka and Fonua knew. It was pretty fun! But then on the way home the clutch on our car pretty much completely gave out! It wasn’t going into gear, and we were on the equivalent of the freeway and the revs were just going high and no speed...we were like ohhh crap. So we drove in 2nd gear the whole way home and it was pretty much pooped. Sucks big time on Saturday night!
So Sunday we were left with no other choice but to take a taxi to church. hahaha. Won’t forget that, it was pretty fun. But this morning we took our car to Toyota and who knows when it will be finished. I'm hoping before we have to drive to Cape Town for MLC tomorrow. haha.
Church was good I guess. Unfortunately nobody we are teaching was there. Sam and Ntombethembu were waiting, but I don’t know what happened and they never got picked up at the stop by the taxi, and it was rainy so they left. Sucks big time on that one. Then after church since our car was out of  commission we got a ride home from Bro. Hein, and then Elder Prisbrey and I had an appt. with a family that we had to get to, so we ended up taking Durbanville's bikes and riding all the way to our area. Hahaha, took us just under an hour, but we made it there! Shauwn and Carey joined us with the family we were teaching and it went really well!
The work is going alright. I can’t complain. We've just got to get these people to be at church and stuff, but we are teaching a good few, and we have a nice list of people, and we are always trying to find more!
This week is the last full week of the transfer, next Wednesday is transfer day! So we'll find out news on Saturday! Crazy to think I'll be getting my last companion! But it will be a good week! MLC tomorrow, and then I'm with Elder Kupka in Panorama on Wednesday, and the rest we're still planning.
I love you!!
Elder Truscott

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