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Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Saying Goodbye to the District on transfer day

Elder Kupka, Elder Carnieletto  and Elder Truscott

Elder Truscott with his new companion Elder Dangerfield
This week for me was long. For some reasons the last few transfer weeks have been long.
Monday and Tuesday we went around and did some follow ups, but lots of it was saying goodbyes for Elder Prisbrey. He was off to East London!
Then Wednesday we were at the mission home pretty early cause everyone was leaving. It was super crazy to see Kupka there and talk to him. He said it didn’t feel real...I'm sure I'll be in the same boat. But I saw him for the last time for a few weeks, and saw off Elder Prisbrey.....and towards the afternoon Elder Dangerfield came in. He's a cool guy! He's from the Isle of Man, just off England and it’s a small island. He's pretty cool though and we're getting along good, he's a funny dude. I'm glad, lets my last transfer be peaceful. haha.
Elder Dangerfield and Elder Mei are now here in the Bellville ward! Elder Mei replaced Elder Mendenhall, and he's from Fiji.
So it was a kinda slow week with the whole transfers and stuff, we didn’t really teach a lesson until Thursday, but from then on we had great days! We are seeing a few people that are really starting to progress and its exciting! Sam and Ntombethembu, even though they weren't able to come to church cause they were working at their mom’s braai stand, are still loving it and wanting to be baptized, and we just started seeing a guy named Jose who is really interested in the gospel and we have high hopes for him as well.
The people we saw this week, even though they weren't tons in number, are progressing well and we set up lots of times to meet different families next week, so that should be awesome.
I am thinking that it will be a great transfer, I want to finish strong and the thought that next time its transfers I will see you guys really freaks me out, it doesn’t feel real to me, but I am still 5 weeks away so I have time.
There isn’t tons to talk about honestly this week, my new comp, visiting some nice people, and the only bummer was that a family that we have been seeing and was doing really really great....dropped us this week cause the board of their church found out we were visiting them apparently and weren't happy with them. We are going to stop in to grab some of the stuff we left them, but that was a bummer. We will keep trying though!

I love you and miss you so much. I can’t believe that it’s so soon now. Thanks for all that you do, oh, and to be honest I still have to find out about the place in Joburg....
Elder Truscott

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