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Monday, June 29, 2015

101 Weeks Down and 3 to Go!!!

Elder Truscott and Elder Takavingei

Elder Truscott,  Elder Dangerfield, Elder Malpage and Elder Lafleur

Elder Truscott and Elder Dangerfield

Elder Lafleur and Elder Truscott

Elder Malpage and Elder Dangerfield

Yesterday Samkelisiwe Ndaba was baptized!
Well this week had a lot going on...
Tuesday we had our zone training. It was supposed to be set up to show the correct format of a district meeting, cause Pres. Merrill has been feeling that district meetings have been losing their purpose a bit and not being as powerful as they could be. So Elder Dangerfield both did a meeting using the District meeting outline of things, and then we split the zone and did half with me, half with Dangerfield, and then switched. It was really good. We did it on the Book of Mormon. He did his on likening it to our investigators, and I did it on finding with the Book of Mormon. They both went really well. After that it was lunch and then out to the area to do some work! After that on Tuesday we taught a few lessons and it was really good.
Then Wednesday we were on exchanges with Milnerton. I was with an Elder Takavingei here in Bellville. We taught a few lessons and had a really good day. He's a nice Elder. He's newer on mission, only been out about 2 months, and he is from Zimbabwe. Nice dude though and we had a nice day!
Thursday and Friday were slower days, an then Saturday we were on exchanges with the assistants. We were both working here in Bellville, and I was with an Elder Lafleur. He's a funny guy and we had a good day! We didn’t have tons of appts set for the both of us to share, so we did lots of finding. Bellville area has been doing a swing lately. We had some great progressing people, and they kind of are fading out, so we have to hit the roads again and try to keep finding new people, but the way here is through  ember if those would start coming in it would make things lots easier! But until then we are working the old fashioned way! Ha ha. So we did lots of finding, taught a good amount of lessons between the both of us, and found some more people to go and see and pray that they will progress!
Sam was super excited for her baptism! Yesterday Samkelisiwe Ndaba was baptized! She asked me to do it, and I was happy to. She is awesome, and I only pray that she stays active and stays in tune with the church and gospel. But it was held right after church, and a few members stayed to support so that was nice. After the baptism and church we went out teaching! Met a referral from a bro. John and she was great, and then taught another family and finished the week off at the Krugers! Like I said, we're  teaching some good people, but I want  to teach lots of good people, so we will be finding and trying to find the prepared ones this week, probably until the end of the transfer, but it’s going well!
It was a good week, can’t complain, and I hope this coming one is as well!
Elder Truscott

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