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Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Transfer!! June 8, 2015

Elder Kupka and Elder Truscott

Elder Kupka and Elder Truscott

Elder Truscott, Elder Pahula, Rayno Kruger, Elder Prisbrey and Elder Mendenhall at the Kruger’s Braai
Well this week was kind of a long one looking back at it!
This morning we went into Cape Town to a place called Green Market Square. There are just tons of vendors there selling all kinds of things, so I got a few paintings that remind me of Africa that are kinda cool. So it was a good time!
Last Monday we were planning to go there, but by the time we got towards Cape Town we didn’t have time to go there and then make it to Mowbray for our finding activity that we did as a zone. So we just went straight to the chapel and waited with some other Elders. The finding activity was good though! Everyone in the zone, except for Paarl, was there and we all split up in different parts of Mowbray and handed out Books of Mormon and got details and stuff! It was a good time and there was some nice experiences that the Elders had. I think I talked about it last week, but our car has been broken, the clutch was out. Well it was out all week until Thursday, so as I tell you about my week just know we got rides everywhere until Thursday morning. hahaha.
Tuesday was MLC, so we went to Cape Town and sat at the office for a while and talked about things in the mission...and then got a ride back to our flat, but like I said, we had no we just kind of prepared things for when we did. Luckily one of the days we were car-less I got to be on exchanges. hahaha. On Wednesday I was with Elder Kupka in Panorama. It was his last exchange ever. Dang. Haha, Elder Kupka is going home this week! Totally crazy, he has about 2 days left in SA! But it was a great exchange and we taught some good people, and did some good finding, even though it was rainy all day, so we did some finding but got pretty wet....haha. I love Elder Kupka though. He's awesome. Thursday it was back to Bellville, but luckily we got our car back that morning, so we could start our work! We  taught a few appts and did some follow ups from the beginning of the week, and got a referral contacted who is pretty cool and we will be seeing him again this week. Luckily we got our car back in time for the Botha's. haha. The week was pretty hard in general for Bellville cause of no car, and then on Friday when we were going to go to appt's we got a call from Paarl and we had to rush down there cause they got in a car accident. It wasn’t a big deal, but we went down there cause we had to give them stuff for a chapel open house they were doing, and it just made it first priority when they called and said that they had an accident, so because of that we stayed way longer than we were planning and pretty much had to cancel our people for Friday as well....made for a REALLY slow beginning and middle of the week.
Saturday I was on exchanges again with Elder Decebal Cuza in Milnerton. It was a nice time with him, he's a funny guy. We had to end our exchange at half 5 cause we had to be at the Krugers, but we had a goal to teach 5 lessons before we ended exchanges....and man, things dropped, but we did it! We taught 2 lessons in like 30 minutes at the end to meet our goal, it was pretty good! Then like I said we ended exchanges and we went to the Krugers cause they had a Braai for me cause I'm going home!  I know it’s not until next transfer, but they wanted to have the braai with us 4 since new elders are coming and they like this group, so I got a going home braai a bit early. It was really nice of them though and it was a great time!
Transfer news came out Saturday night as well! I am getting an Elder Dangerfield, and Elder Prisbrey is going to East London. Elder Pahulu is getting a new companion as well and Elder Mendenhall is going to Uitenhage, so we've been talking about that a lot! But it will be good! I'm hoping for a good last transfer.
Sunday was church, and Sam and Ntombethembu were there! It was great to see them cause we weren’t able to teach them all week! The car being broken and the Paarl thing really made us behind this week, so Sunday was spent looking for the other people we're teaching and trying to make times to teach them again!
It was a bad week in terms of teaching, but a good one overall I guess. I can’t complain too much! I'm looking forward to my last transfer on mission. I have some pretty crazy feelings about being almost done. It feels surreal to think that I'll be home next transfer....I can’t picture myself doing anything else or being anywhere else....but I guess it has to end. I still have 6 weeks though, so I'm going to work hard and hopefully some success will come!
Well I love you and miss you so much!
Elder Truscott

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