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Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

(Elder Truscott and his Companion Elder Gertzen) 
Here is the news, mission related, for the week. Well we've been teaching a few different people. One of them is the Nono family, and the mother and 2 younger kids come to church every week, but the dad never does....he's a drunk who just kind of sits and drinks when he's not at work. The mom, named Sisanda, had us over to teach them as a family, and trying to set up a time when the dad would be present and sober was difficult, but we did it and started teaching them. So far its going well, the little boy they have is super cute, and calls me "Elder Scott" and always gives me high fives when I walk into church. haha. The dad hasn't come to church, but he's reading the pamphlets that we leave with the family a little and then will comment and listen to the lessons as we go through them, so that's a good thing! Their house will be in the middle of a lesson, and a rat will just dart from around the kitchen cupboards and run under the fridge....and they will just not be bothered at all! That's normal for them! There are Tons of rats in their house, its gross.....! Another few that we're teaching is a young boyfriend and girlfriend we met while we were looking for a less active. The kids name is Mzuko and he's a super cool 18 year old kid. He's dating a 14 year old and her name is Sandiswa. She's a Jehovah's Witness, so we don't know where she'll go, but they are my favorite people to teach so far just because there is a real cool atmosphere in the lessons....just normal people talking, asking questions, and joking around, so its going well! Mzuko says he wants to come to church! That's really what we're trying to get, is everyone to come to church with us, but lots of empty promises come from the people in Gugs.....
We visited a less active family this week also, and we just went in randomly, we were in the area. I've never been in there before, or met them....we walked into the house....cockroaches everywhere....running literally all through the walls and floors, over all the wiring and stuff....oh my gosh it was everything I could do just to sit down on the couch for fear of what would crawl out...but come to find out that missionaries haven't been there for almost 2 months, and the husband is having a really bad time at work and was super emotional, so we popped in, I didn't say much, and left. but at church the wife said that they were super grateful for us visiting!
I went on exchanges again this week, with the AP Elder Chikara. He's a South African kid, and I wasn't sure what to expect from this exchange... He turned out to be super cool, and we did a bit of work, just went around, had a really chill day though. We taught, but mostly just visited with the people, and he said that he think its effective just to stop in and say hi, let them know we care, and then go, not try to shove a lesson on them....I agree. We had a bit of time, so he took me out to a parking lot kind of by the ocean and let me get more comfortable driving stick on the opposite side....I'm good if I'm not in first gear...ha,ha,ha, that kills me every time! But then we went to a dinner appointment we had....let me just say I'm glad to know not all of SA is like Gugs, because this was a dang nice area. It was in a gated community with gates to get in, and the people were American (She worked for the US Embassy or something like that, so they put her up in that house....) and they made us hamburgers, green beans, french fries, and a cake for was amazing and felt good to see other parts!! One last thing....if you come on a mission thinking its going to be luxury...think again, I need to buy myself a new pillow or something cause I can't sleep here.....the pillow sucks. That's the weekly news, nothing too crazy so far, but I'm sure something will happen eventually that will make you worried ;)
Love, Elder Truscott

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