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Monday, September 23, 2013

2 Months down......Sept 23, 2013

Skumbuzo was baptized after church

 Bantu and Akhona...the recent converts we take fellowshipping all the time! Super cool guys and Super funny! They had never had a McFlurry before so we took them to try one.

That pic of the dogs is at Mzuko's house, those are pets I think....I don't really know, but they are always outside in his sand "yard" and they haven't bitten us, but he says that they do bite some people. I attached a pic of what most the dogs here do...ha ha.
Well, this week in Gugs :)
Transfer time! So Elder Creech went to Mdantsane (not sure if that's the right spelling....), and he's in a walking area now. It's still a township, but I hear that it's nicer than Gugulethu. Erickson's new companion is Elder Makombe. He is a South African kid,  He is pretty cool. Really laid back.  I'm still with Gertzen. Half way done with training though! Moving right along! Since Tuks left though, I gave him 200 Rand for his bench press! :) It's super crappy, but I still like it! Something is better than nothing!
In terms of investigators for the weekly update, we are still teaching that Sibu kid that I met! He is freaking awesome, and super ready to hear the gospel and everything! He comes to all the activities, and is really attentive in the lessons and just wants to learn more and more! He couldn't make it to church cause he's doing tests today and was studying, but he sent us a text saying sorry, ha ha, which doesn't usually happen when people blow us off here in Gugs! So we asked him if he wanted to be baptized in our last lesson with him, and he said yes! We are planning on giving him a date this week, so that would be awesome! I met him, taught him, and then get to baptize him, that would be pretty cool :)
The weather was really crappy most of the week...really rainy and groggy, and we had TONS of appointments drop this week. Most of them actually, so it was a really bad my mind was ruining it made for a crappy time a lot of the week....
Xolani...he is awesome! Still wants to be baptized before his birthday, so we are shooting for him to be in Nov. too. During the middle of the lesson, another drunk old guy came in (he lives with like 4 drunks who are his uncles I think). This guy's name is Norman. He came in, gave all of us big hugs, and sat next to me...hahaha, during the middle of the lesson he taps me and asks me for money like "2 rand?" haha. Then he gets up, and starts telling all of us how he used to be a gangster and killed people! He was telling us this crazy story about how all these gangsters were coming after him to get him, and he just started killing these kids, stabbing them! Xolani said that one time Normans dad was conducting a funeral, and a bunch of gangsters jumped out and started stabbing, and the dad looked and was like "that's my son!" and Norman was involved! ha ha, this guy is nuts! If I could get in his head and see his memories I'd be scarred for life I think! I asked Xolani if his stories were true, and he told me that they were! He's killed a bunch of people! And he went to prison for 2 years for stealing a car...never punished for the murders!
On Sat. night we had an appt. with a really cool Less Active family named the Pluckey's, and they were just telling us what they learned from the scriptures this week, and we had a good time with them. After the lesson they told us that the stats had just come out, and yep, Gugulethu has the highest murder rate in the country! hahaha. On the way out of the appointment Bantu ( a recent convert we fellowship with) called and said that he lost his keys, he thought in our car. We drove to where we dropped him off, deep in the township, and it was pretty dark at that point. I found out that Gugs is so dangerous that they have helicopters patrolling and spotlighting the township every night...haha, its pretty crazy!
We are still teaching Mzuko and Sandiswa, and we've met Sandiswa's family once more....don't really know how often we will see them though. Mzuko we are wanting to baptize in Nov. cause he is stopping alcohol and stuff, and Sandiswa we aren't sure. They both came to church this Sunday, which was awesome! Mzuko liked it I think, but Sandiswa told him afterward that she will still be attending her Jehova's Witness we will have to see what happened there next time we meet with them!
This Sunday was good! We had Xolani, Mzuko, Sandiswa, Skumbuzo, and the Nono mom and daughter at church with us, so 6 Investigators! Skumbuzo was baptized after church too! His baptism went really well.... Afterwards he bore his testimony and told everyone that "I am the light, and Satan better watch out because I'm coming after him" with his arms stretched out and he was yelling....
That's the highlights for this week in Gugs and I attached a few pics :)

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