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Monday, September 30, 2013

The first 2 months went by both quick and painfully long....its hard to explain.

(They said they had a surprise for me after the lesson, and they pulled out a big bowl of bried chicken feet! Apparently those are a "delicacy" here)

Another month down! I am officially a little over 2 on mission, ha ha.  I am moving into the warmer weather here. Today is really nice, and it's starting to get sunny here, the rain is cooling down a bit :)

Well last Monday we went to waterfront and walked around. That place is pretty neat! Lots of nice big hotels, and a really nice mall. There's tons to do, like fishing trips to sign up for, dinner cruises, and there's even a boat you can take out into the bay and shoot clay pigeons off of! Ha ha, I wish! It was the funnest p day in terms of activity that I've done so far though, even though we just walked cool activities really.
Tuesday was their national heritage day, but they call it national brie day.... So everyone just barbeques. We had a branch brie, and it was actually a pretty good time. There wasn't tons and tons of people, but it killed all Tuesday so we didn't do much afterwards! My pasty white skin got sunburned a bit though.... Ha ha.
More in terms of the people and stories :)
We have been sitting with the Pluckey family, a less active family. They are super funny and nice people, and we met with them again this week to talk about what they learned from their reading from the BOM. They said they had a surprise for me after the lesson, and they pulled out a big bowl of bried chicken feet! Apparently those are a "delicacy" here, and they just bite onto them, with the claws and everything, and suck off the meat and spit out the bones! Ugh they are weird to look at, but I tried one! Even though I couldn't completely clean the bone like they did, and I wasn't really a fan, I ate one...
We are focusing big time on less actives, so we have tons of less active lessons, we had 11 this week. One of the guys were focusing on is named Kholiselay. He's  President Sibotoboto's younger brother. We went to see him later on in the week, and he was super down. I asked him how he was doing and he was like "not alright".....we asked him how come and he told us how his little like 1 week old baby died. Ya, I didn't know what to say past that.....we just kinda empathized with him and said we were there for him, then bowed out gracefully.
Nothing insane going on with Mzuko and Sandiswa. We are just still teaching them, but our main focus is still Mzuko cause he said he wanted to be baptized. He is trying to live the law of chastity and word of wisdom, and we are still pushing towards November for baptism, but we will see how that goes! He's a cool kid, but I don't really know how well Sandiswa is helping him along this path....if you know what I mean.
Sibu is still awesome. We are teaching him, trying for twice a week, and he has no problems at all! Its rare around here for someone in college to not smoke or drink, but he doesn't have any issues, and said he isn't addicted to coffee, so that shouldn't be a problem! He's just going to talk to his girlfriend about the law of chastity stuff and he should be good to be dunked! Its pretty cool since I'm the one who initiated all this with him, so he will probably be the first guy that I'm with all the way through :)
On Saturday we went to the Nono's to invite the dad, brother Nkosana, to his daughters talk she was giving in church ( it was the primary program this week ). We got there and Sisanda told us that he was at the shabin, which is like a little bar that's on every street here. Haha, we actually went in and got him out of there! 2 white kids walked into this garage full of drunk black guys....and we found Nkosana just sitting there WASTED! haha, he saw us and was like "sit down! sit down with me!", and then went on about how he disappointed us....haha, he started crying on my shoulder! We took him home, and he drunkenly committed to come to church...ya he didn't come. haha, better luck next week!
We had Xolani, The Nono Mom and children, and Skumbuzo (who was confirmed this week), at sacrament meeting this week. It was the primary program. 
OH! did I tell you I met an Elder from Ephraim?! Ya! His name is Elder Lund! He is in my Zone....but I'm not sure where he's at for sure. He's been out 6 mo. I met him at the Zone thing that we are doing for Zone Conference tomorrow.   
Dad said that the Zone Conferences are fun, it will give me a break, and plus I will meet a lot of new missionaries that came in from the eastern cape!  I have that this week, and then exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Friday, the ZL's now are both African kids that I haven't heard anything we will see!
 I love you and miss you a ton. Be safe :)
Love you
Elder Truscott

Monday we went to waterfront and walked around

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