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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013

 (here's a pic, of me with Xolani :)

I didn't get the chance to email yesterday because I flew to East London in the morning. It is pretty cool....there is a lot more plants and stuff, and they said they have way more wildlife, so I guess that's where the cool animals are! We just had a little training/trainee training with the Mission President, and then we bunked at another missionaries flat, but it was good to see the other kids from my transfer! Stratton and Sanders are pretty cool guys! And I met a few of the trainer's...Stratton's trainer is Elder Murphy and he's super cool!!  I'm half way done with training! Just flew home this morning at 8, landed at 10, and showered and got ready and finally get the chance to email!

It was a good week! Nothing that was super nuts, but another one down! Almost done with my first transfer! And my 2 month mark is coming up too!

(Alright, here is the weekly recap for you :)

So I went and bought a pillow, like I said I was going to do cause the ones here we were at this bedroom store and I got this huge pillow, but me and this guy started talking, and he was an older gentleman, and he asked what church and stuff, and we got talking....then Gertz came over and we talked to him, found out that he was a catholic guy but stopped going cause him and his wife were "missing something" and they've been searching and stuff. He was smart, especially in bible apparently he graduated a bible study course he said...we left him with a BOM and told him to read it and talked a little about it. He said he would! I've got to email him today and follow up. I thought that was kinda cool :) I went on exchanges with Creech this week on Wednesday, and we just drove around, cause most of our appointments dropped (a huge problem here since everyone just tells you what they think you want to hear....) but he was good at reading a map, and I had the addresses, so we didn't get lost too bad! We met a few people, and went to McDonalds for dinner. When we got out of the car, this guy just ran up to us and said he had just been kicked out of his apartment cause he didn't have any money, and he wanted us to pray with was kinda weird, but we prayed right there in the parking lot and then Creech bought him dinner. I thought it was kinda neat, but weird at the same time.....
We are meeting with Xolani still, the guy who is quitting alcohol, and he is great! he came to church for the first time since I've been here! and he is super nice and cool, and when we go over there this old guy who lives there is ALWAYS wasted out of his mind....he sees us and runs, grabs his restoration pamphlet and new testament, and just rambles on and on super loud so we cant teach...but its hilarious!!
Ha ha, on Friday we had a few fellow shippers with us and we were going to check on the Jola Family, a family that we have taught but they dropped an appt. and we were going to follow up on them. We were just walking away (they weren't home) when we heard a bunch of people yelling. We turned and ran to the fence to see a bunch of wasted black old men yelling at these younger kids who were apparently "gangsters" and freaking out at them! Then one guy ran towards them, chucked a vodka bottle at them as they were running past, and missed and it hit the cement fence and exploded.....nothing too much but it was still the most exciting thing I've seen in Gugs so far :)
We're still teaching Mzuko and Sandiswa, and we're supposed to see Sandiswa's Jehovah's Witness family tomorrow (which will be interesting cause they told Sandiswa that she couldn't attend our church on Sunday). Aviwe, Mzuko's cousin, and I went on splits with Gertzen and a recent convert named Akhona, so me and Aviwe went to see his cousin, who was skeptical of meeting with us Aviwe said. He's just a university kid who is super cool, and said he doesn't like the other missionaries because he feels like they are interrogating him. I understood and we just sat there for about an hour and chatted, and I told him that we basically just tell him what we know is true and then tell him how he can know it too. He said he liked that a lot and was super interested. I told Gertz that he was good and we set up an appt. for Thursday. He showed up at church on Sunday with Aviwe!! In all we had 5 investigators at church this week : Sibu, the Nono mom and daughter, Skumbuzo, and another guy I'm not sure of his name though, and Xolani.

Stay safe, have an amazing week, and I'll talk to you next week :)
I love you :)


Elder Truscott

This picture is me with the package :)

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