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Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Alright, so my weekly report on all things Gugs :)
We got back from Eastern Cape on Tuesday you know, so that day we just kind of got back to speed here, did all our shopping and stuff, all ready for the week, and we taught a less active family that night, the Pluckeys (the cockroach house)....They are super nice and they ended up feeding us and we had a good lesson and they wanted us to come back this Tuesday, and they even showed up to Stake Conference which was this week, but I'll talk about that later.
We are still teaching that Mzuko kid and his girlfriend, Sandiswa. We see them a lot actually, like sometimes 3 times a week, but I don't mind, because remember they are my favorite ones to teach! Mzuko's cousin, Aviwe, told us that he wants to go on a mission, and they both confessed to us that they have drinking and smoking problems when they get "bored" I told them that was easy, don't get bored! We are only a phone call away! And since then we have gotten Mzuko to say he wants to be baptized and we are just working with him towards baptism and with Aviwe towards his mission. Sandiswa still comes to the lessons and stuff, and she's learning, but we haven't talked to her about baptism yet because we don't want her to be around Mzuko when we ask, then there isn't any pressure. But we are going to see her family again this week, so hopefully it goes well again, cause this time we are actually going to share a message instead of just getting to know each other! 
Thursday we went on splits again, and just like last week I went with Aviwe, and Elder Gertzen went with a member named Bro. Gova to visit less actives. Aviwe and I taught Mzuko and Sandiswa, and then we went to see Sibu, the guy I met last time we were on splits! So far I'm the only missionary that's taught him, and I taught the restoration of the gospel to him. The lesson went great, and we talked and discussed for over an hour just talking! At the end he said he felt amazing and definitely wants to learn more, and then offered to say the prayer, and thanked God for sending me to I thought that was super cool!! 
W have had a few flat we went to get new ones put on the car and we drove into the city of Cape Town to do it, it was pretty cool, a nice break and while they were putting them on we just walked around the town for about an hour, went into some dealerships and stuff. 
With the Nono family there was trouble in paradise.....we had an appt. set with them, and we went...the dad wasn't there, said he was in a taxi coming home. We ended up waiting over an hour, and then we just said that we'd reschedule, so we did, and set the appt. for Sunday after Stake Conference. Sisanda (the mom) sent us a text the next morning that said to cancel the meeting....the husband lied, wasn't in a taxi, and didn't want to meet with us, and she made it sound like he was doing some shady stuff, cause she said that he was "busy with dates on what's up". "what's up" is an app here that you can send messages and stuff, it's huge here and everyone has we don't really know if that means that he was cheating or something...but I wasn't going to ask! 
Saturday we had the first session of Stake Conference..... SOOOO long! But it was our Branch President's wife's birthday. I asked him if he had done anything for her, and he said nope, it was stake conference! I was like, umm...did you get her a cake and stuff?! He said I told him that I would get her one and he could give it to her, just to be nice cause I felt bad, this lady is super awesome! He wanted me to give it to I told her happy birthday, and she was like " Thanks Truscott, you have to make me something nice!" so that opened the door for me to buy a cake. After we drove to the store and I bought her a cake for her birthday, and we drove to their house in Gugs to wait for them to get home and I could give it to her. They showed up, walked in the house, and realized that why they were gone someone had broken in through the window for the second time in 2 weeks....Me and Gertzen were there, and I'm just standing there with a chocolate cake in my hand like "ohhh dang"...They didn't take anything, so we think that maybe when we drove up (cause we got there before them) they saw us and ran off and we just got really lucky....but we aren't sure! We ended up driving to the mall and I bought them some duct tape and helped them tape a cardboard slip over the window, and then move their dresser in front of the window so nobody could get in! Ya probably up there for a crappy birthday for sister Unis! They were super grateful for our help though, and she ended up making us dinner and demanding that we stay so they could say thanks :) It was just crazy...Gugs sucks for their kids they say, so they want to move. I felt so bad for them! 
Sunday was just another day of Stake Conference and visiting was a super long day....but it put an end to my first transfer! Transfer news comes out tonight, but we know that Creech is for sure leaving to a place unknown yet, we think Erickson will stay, me and Gertzen are for sure staying. It sucks though, cause Tukuafu, the Zone Leader, is going to the Eastern Cape.  We are going to Pancho's Mexican Restaurant tonight for a goodbye dinner for Creech, so that will be fun!
That's pretty much all for this week though! Nothing too crazy :)

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