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Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Week starts today

Elder Truscott at the Mpongo game reserve in East London, SA

Elder Truscott and Elder Ramosoeu with Emerald, Kaylin and Keisha
This week seemed long....haha, it seems like it's been a long time since I emailed last! But I'm literally melting right now....just as I thought it was getting to cool down and be winter, the last like 4 days have been HOT.....I'm dying.
But last Monday like you know I was in east London for P Day, so that was really cool to get to go to that game park and see the animals :) I will say, the lions are pretty cool, and I have a cool video on my camera of one scaring the crap out of me....haha.
Then Tuesday we had the zone conference. The whole reason we were in East London. It was nice, we had to be at the chapel at 8:15, and we didn't leave until past you could say my butt was tired of sitting, but it was still good. Pres. Wood is good to listen to, plus they always feed us well ;) ha ha.
So I guess cause Ramosoeu is going home at the end of this transfer he has to fill out some forms and send them in to the office, so Thursday morning we went out to get the envelopes and stuff, and walking out of the post office we saw Isabelle....I don't know if you'll remember her, she was our investigator a while back, her and Sharon, I think Isabelle is Sharon's mom......and she was carrying 2 heavy shopping bags. So we went up and were like "hey can we help you carry those?" So we walked all the way to the taxi place carrying her groceries (which were super heavy) and she was really happy :) it was kinda cool. Haha.
I'll tell you about this funny thing that happened too, haha, I thought it was funny anyways. So we have been sitting with this lady named Esme, and we just recently met her, so she told us that if we
come Friday and bring juice then she'll bake for us! So I brought juice on Friday duh! But we showed up and she wasn't there....she had left earlier, but Mrs. Duiker, the lady who owns the house, invited us in. Well she's super nice, and made us sandwiches and everything :) She has a daughter who is like 15ish I think, and when she got home and saw that her mom made us food she was like "what, do they not have food at the monastery?" Hahahaha, I started laughing :)
Sunday,  wasn't too bad, besides the fact that it was scorching hot.  We had 4 investigators at church this Sunday: Mbongheni, Leticia and Diego, and Sandiswa :) Sandiswa was supposed to be baptized on the 30th (next Sunday) but the Branch President is going to be out of town next weekend, so he moved it to the 5th :) we will baptize her on that Saturday and then confirm her on Sunday. Sandiswa is still super excited though and she and President Budaza (the Branch President) talked for a long time after church yesterday. It should be good! I'm still super excited for it too :) the drought of baptisms in Grahamstown looks like it's about to end :)
Leticia won't be long either. She has prayed and said that she knows baptism is what she needs to do! I think after she sees Sandiswa get baptized and realizes it's not scary (her biggest concern is the water itself) she will be good to go :) and that will be a great one too :)
We always like to pop in and see Emerald on Sunday afternoons, so we did. She had already told us that she was going to go to her church this week, but then she said she'll come to ours next week. She's super cool, and I'm hoping the more she comes to ours the more she loves it and wants to join and feels the spirit. The Sinama's are great too....the mom was out of town this weekend, but I think we need to just teach the lessons again and commit them to do things to really start progressing.........
We also found some new people to start teaching this week! We have an appointment on Tuesday with a guy named Denzel who we found while walking, and he's super cool. Used to be a gangster until some life problems forced him to start praying, and now he's a really nice and religious guy!
Well I'm going to go outside and do my rain dance after this, and hopefully it works cause my mlungu (white boy in Xhosa) skin can't handle this....haha, I'm counting down until winter ;)
Elder Truscott

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