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Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday- March 31,2014

This week nothing too exciting really happened honestly. Just kind of a normal week of work.

Last Monday for P day we went to a University lecture. Hahaha, that should tell you a lot about how boring it is here in Grahamstown for p-days..... We went to Rhodes for a lecture on journalism, and that wasthat.....p day over and then out for our appointments that night!

Tuesday was my 8 month mark! Haha, pretty boring day, but 1/3 mark was cool to think about!

So Thursday I got a few of the packages that you sent to me :) the ones from the distribution center finally came, and wow did I get alot of DVD's to hand out to people! Thank you so much mom! And those Book of Mormon stories book will be good for recent converts even! Sothank you :) I am now fully equipped ;) haha. Also my St Patrick's day package came! Thank you :) I love the card, Ramosoeu laughed all day about it, haha, and the snacks and crackers are great :) thank you so much :) aaaand the package you sent for Shanice's baby, Casey, came too! Wow did you hook her up with baby clothes! Shanice was happy and she told me to tell you thanks a few times :) it was cute too, cause
when we walked with her on Sunday Casey was in that white dress you sent :)

So those new people, Esme and Aldeen, who work at Mrs. Duiker's place,well on Friday when we went to see them Aldeen made cake for my birthday :) so our visit was just eating and chatting, which was super nice of them :)

Sunday was a pretty good day too. President and Sister Wood were in Grahamstown for church, so I got to see them at church yesterday. It's always great to hear Pres. Wood speak! We had 5 investigators at church,  we were expecting more, but 5is a good number ;) haha. Leticia and Diego, the Sinama kids, and Sandiswa who got everything sorted for her baptism clothing wise and is excited for Saturday!
After church we had some appointments with new people! We ended up getting 3 new investigators yesterday, and one of them is a younger guy. Daaaang our appointment with him.......he's super smart, and asked tough questions that I've never thought of before! He had skimmed the pamphlet we left him when we found him walking, and Wikipedia searched the Book of Mormon and stuff! So we had to try and clarify.....but he's smart, and wants to know the truth, so we are hoping he turns out to be really good!
Then like every Sunday we finished at the Chases home where they cooked dinner for us :) and since it was my birthday they made a nice chocolate cake as well :) it was super nice of them :)

Like I said, pretty boring week....we did lots of tracting and trying to find people when appointments dropped, but I'm sure some of them when we follow up will be good! Personally I'm just looking forward to Sandiswa's baptism this coming Saturday :)

I love you and miss you so much!


Elder Truscott

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