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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day 3-17-14

I don't have much time today we today but it has been super cool so far. We drove to east London and went to Mpongo game reserve :) it's super sweet, we got to see lions up pretty close (not out in the park, they have them in cages as you drive in), warthogs, a bunch of deer things, and lots of giraffes! It was tons of fun, and i got to pet another giraffe! This one was either a child or a midget :)

Things were a bit hectic beginning of the week...and some bad news for me! Haha.

Last Monday we just hung out, all 4 of us and it was the first real p-day of the transfer, well that night we get a call from Elder Olsen (AP) and he's like, oh sorry, are you with elder Bell by chance? And I was like ya here he is.....and then Elder Olsen told Bell that he was getting transferred and that he was leaving tomorrow morning. Totally sucks! Apparently someone had to leave their area, they were having some problems, so Elder Bell was moved there to cover that gap, and in his place Elder Howe came here to be with Elder Manda.
So Tuesday Manda came with us while the Chases drove Bell to P.E. and picked up Howe. Well then my day got a bit worse....cause Howe has a drivers license.....(the car is originally in the other Elders area).....but luckily, still not great, but luckily, we are going to be sharing the car for the time being. Like we get it some days, they get it some days.

So Wednesday was my first day as a walking missionary....and I'm not a big fan. You can't see nearly as many people as before just walking from one appt. to the next!

Grant and Shanice wanted to do a waffle and ice cream thing a while ago, when they found out I had a waffle iron, but we never got around to it, so Thursday night we had a lesson and I brought all the stuff, and after we had the lesson we had waffles and ice cream :) then we had to get back cause we had an unexpected and pretty sudden  exchange with the zone leaders.

Saturday we were back to walking..... We saw a few people, but walking needs careful planning....ha ha,  so that we don't walk from one end of town to the other and then back we were pretty much moving all day.....but we were doing lots of going around and inviting the people to church.

It worked though, cause we had 8 investigators there on Sunday! Leticia and Diego, Emerald and Kaylin, the Sinama kids (the mom was at work), a new guy named Mbongheni who is super cool, and we walked to church with Grant. It was a good turn out, I was super happy!

We met with Sandiswa earlier this week and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ, and asked her to be baptized and it was great, she said yes and we told her March 30, but I'm starting to think that will be
too soon, and we might have to push it back a week or so, but we will see! The important thing is that she said yes :) haha.

Emerald and Kaylin have come to church two weeks in a row now, so that is super good, they just leave after sacrament but I'm really glad they are coming. I'm hoping that them coming will ignite more of an interest in becoming members, and if they start to love it and feel the spirit there it will be great :)
Leticia is the other one who is still doing great! She's been off the smokes for a while now, and her only thing is that she's super scared that she'll make the promise and be baptized and then make a mistake and slip up. So we just have to show her how faithful she is and how she can do it and then it will be good to go with Leticia :)
The new guy we saw this week, well one of them, is named Mbongheni. He's a super cool guy, came to church with one of our recent converts a few weeks ago and we just got to have an appt with him. He said he's looking for a better relationship with God and stuff, and he's a smart guy and it should be really good! I'm excited to start teaching him cause he came to church again!

The only thing I'm worried about is how we're going to see all these people with no car half the week....but we will figure something out  ;)

Sorry, I don't have much time today....................But I love you and miss you!
Elder Truscott

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