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Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Elder Truscott and his Comp. Elder Ramosoeu
Driving was pretty much the motto for this week! I did LOTS of driving around! Ha ha

Monday night we got our transfer news, and Ramoshaba was the only one from Grahamstown who was leaving. Ramosoeu and I were staying the same, and Elder Bell was getting Elder Manda as his new companion.

 So Tuesday since I'm the only one who can drive I had to drive Ramoshaba down to P.E. so we could pick up Manda and Ramoshaba could get on his bus. Well we had to find a place to stay on Tuesday night, so we stayed in Kwano with Elder Hlophe and Kuhmalo :) it was cool to see them and chill for the night, and we were supposed to be at the bus stop at 6 Wednesday morning.

We woke up and got ready and headed out to go pick up Manda from his boarding in a place called Despatch. We picked him up, and it was already past 6, and headed into P.E .for the bus stop, but
boy was traffic it goes without saying that Ramoshaba missed his bus....ha.ha.
So from there we had Manda and his companion at the time, and we had to take his companion to the airport to get his new comp, and then we had to figure out what to do with Ramoshaba! The plan was that we would take him back to GT and the Chase's would drive him to East London, but talking with President Boyce, we decided that if we could get to GT before the bus got here he could just hop on it and we drove BACK to GT trying to beat the bus that left quite a while before at this point..... We drove pretty quickly back to GT where we found a bus going to East London! It was a different bus....but Ramoshaba just hopped on and the Chase's paid for the trip! So it worked out :) except Manda didn't have his stuff cause he was planning on grabbing it after we dropped Ramoshaba at the bus stop.....hahahaha. So we had to drive BACK to P.E. and get his stuff together and then BACK to GT that was a long day of driving! Bro. Alan had all of us for dinner that night and I was dead tired....ha ha ha.

Then the driving continued on Friday....we got news Thursday that we had Zone Training on Friday morning, so we woke up Friday morning and drove to East London for the training by our Zone Leaders, Elder Swenson......and guess who......Gertzen. So after that little training we went back to GT and continued on for the day with appointments.

I was surprised at the turnout on Sunday to be honest with you! I was thinking that there wasn't going to be anyone there cause it was a really rainy day. It rained all day and when it rains people don't come out, especially not to walk to church! But we had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting! And it was awesome because Emerald and her daughter Kaylin came for the first time! The Sinama kids came again, Nandile, and Leticia and Diego walked in the pouring rain to church, and I was so happy to see them :) it's so cool, Leticia is super dedicated! And after church she cancelled our appointment cause she "had wet feet" and was going to bed :) haha. So after church we visited Emerald and asked her how she liked church and everything, she said she enjoyed it and so did Kaylin, so that was good :)

The Sinama's are great :) I love them! After church we went there Sunday night and they fed us a huge dinner and desert before we read from the BOM :) and they love us coming and they always love church :) it's really cool, I just wish the mom would realize the need to be baptized into this church, you know? But we're just reading through the BOM with them and asking them to always pray about it.

 Leticia is great, she reads by herself and comes by herself to church....and she's still not smoking! We're pushing that promise thing with her so she can get ready to be baptized :)

Nandile is another awesome lady. You know that the investigator is sweet when she SMS's you and reminds you of their appointment and that she's feeding us :) but we teach her and hopefully she'll SMS about another appointment this week cause she said she didn't know her schedule.

Sandiswa is another perfect investigator that we're teaching :) we are looking to extend a baptism invitation this week! So hopefully all goes well :) it should be good though :)

 The work is going alright! The students are back and we're teaching a few of them mixed with the GT locals :) it's been alright though! Kind of a crazy week, but not a bad one :)

Elder Truscott

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